September Sprouts

A new year and a new edition of September Sprouts. Hopefully you’ve recently had the opportunity to recharge a little. We’ve both done that with our families. In January’s edition, the short stories, light story, poem, lyrics and our new section, musings, all reference summer. Summer afternoons are the perfect time to read and in this third edition of our monthly blog, we hope it encourages you to read something you might not normally read.

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Whatever your plans are for 2019, we wish you joy, happiness, adventures, good health and most importantly, a year surrounded by those you love.

Happy New Year!

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Salote and Shelley

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September Sprouts (December’s post)

Welcome to our second edition of September Sprouts, the blog which encourages you to smile, think and even sing to yourself and most importantly, encourages you to read something you might not normally read.

In this Christmas edition of September Sprouts the short stories, light story, poem and lyrics all have a festive flavour.

To our friends and family who have encouraged us to continue after our first monthly edition of September Sprouts – a big thank you for your positive feedback and for following.

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For further holiday reading, check out Shelley’s new novel ‘One Weekend’ by Shelley Banks on Amazon.

Merry Christmas.

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Salote & Shelley